How to decorate oddly-shaped walls

Decorate wallsAdding any decorative accessories on the wall such as paintings, panels, mirrors and wall bracket lamps definitely makes the interior unique. But speaking of walls, let us ask ourselves the following question: should they look alike?! We don’t think so. Maybe that is why oddly-shaped walls exist. Here are some ideas on how to decorate them:

  • In the recent years, using contrasting colours is particularly trendy. You may paint one wall in dark colour and the rest in bright. Picking and matching the colours is all up to you;

  • The windows at home are important as much as the walls. However, thanks to them, natural light and fresh air come inside! In addition to the inevitable wall sanitising, it is necessary to run window cleaning on a regular basis, too;

  • Digital prints for wall will help you achieve amazing results. For example, it will be a wonderful experience for the nature lovers to ‘plant’ flowers and trees on the walls at home. Why not even whole gardens? That passionate mix of intense colours and rich textures will bring imperceptibly gentle romance in your home atmosphere;

  • You can use a broom, a comb or brush, depending on what traces you want to leave. Paint the wall with a roller and then immediately put one of the following objects to form tracks. Before starting painting, make sure you have covered or hidden your valuables, such as furniture and rugs. That way you will save some funds for carpet sanitising, for instance;

  • Another creative idea which is similar to the latter is to use a piece of wrinkled fabric. It must be made of solid matter in order to obtain clear traces. Previously, paint the wall with the certain colour and let it dry. For the trace, which the fabric will leave, use a tone darker or brighter paint. Paint carefully in the corners of the walls, using a cloth curled around your fingers.

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