How to bring Hollywood glamour in a plain room

Hollywood glamour in a plan roomThe ways to transfigure a boring room into a stunning premise that imitates an interior design magazine picture are several. However, choosing a particular style could be a better idea, so you can avoid the unnecessary accumulations of decors, conceptions or ideas for renovation.

Somewhere between the regular cleaning tours every woman desires of a shining home with a brilliant view. Well, let us tell you something – it is actually possible and easy to be achieved.

Check out how to bring Hollywood glamour in a plain room for self-confidence in your housekeeping life:

  • Naturally, first of all select the premise for the big upcoming change! Choose the ugliest premise from your living environment. Pick up the room, where constant domestic regular cleaning routines cannot help anymore!

  • Find a direction – you can either play with the nuances or you can just add new sets of furniture or decors. It is up to you and your personal view to the sparkling Hollywood style!

  • Most typical colours in Hollywood-styled interior design are red, blue and golden! Combine them with black accents, which make a strong and great contrast! However, choosing the black and white colour scheme isn’t a bad idea, either. After all, first movies symbolise this type of colour combination. Plus – black and white are the new palettes in luxury home design conceptions.

  • The old glamour in Hollywood can be transfigured in your home with crystal elements, posh chandeliers made of golden items, boucle upholstery and furry carpets! Choose what you like of these ideas or combine them bravely. Just keep in mind that boucle upholstery needs delicate dry cleaning, while the furry carpets should get proper professional carpet cleaning treatment!

  • Cover the room with mirrors and add conservatory windows! The light and the brilliance are key elements in Hollywood design. Speaking of this, never leave a piece of furniture or a décor not polished or not lacquered. In short, add blinks as much as you can bear!

  • Use video tapes, old music records, magazine covers, posters, books, gramophone and everything with stars as ornament to decorate the Hollywood-styled ex boring room!

  • Last, but not least, you can always call Hollywood in your home place by imitating the interior design of a home or room from your favorite TV show!
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