How to be friends with your teenage child

How to be friends with your teenage childYoung children – small problems. Older children – big problems. That is what people say and they are actually right. When the child becomes a teenager, some real issues arise. Changes are visible – physical, mental and emotional. So, how to be friends with your teenager? Take a look at our pieces of advice:

  • Demonstrate a sincere interest and respect for him/her. Teenagers don’t like to be treated like children, nor being told what to do. Though still inexperienced, they think almost like adults. You will make the best move, if you show honour for their opinions;

  • Spend some of your personal time for conversation with the teenager to be aware of his/her current passions and needs. Don’t make the mistake to think only about your own problems – the difficulties at work, how to earn more money or any kind of duties outside your house, such as office sanitising, for example. When you come back home, try to leave all your worries behind;

  • Praise the teenager whenever you have a chance! The promotion of his/her self-esteem is a sure way for to ‘build’ some healthy confidence. Think about what you do more often – criticise or encourage him/her! If it is the first one, then you should start saying to him/her you are proud that he or she is your son or daughter;

  • Don’t make the teenager feel uncomfortable! Nеver offense him/her, if he/she doesn’t know something or is clumsy, helping you in doing the household chores, for instance! That is especially important when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning, because it is quite difficult and time-consuming task. In this case, the best option would be to use professional services;

  • Last but not lest, if you have treated the teenager in an incorrect way, then you must have the courage to apologise. That is how you will have his/her trust and respect.

Sometimes, whatever you try to do to help your teenager, he or she always gets mad. The teenager has a desire to be independent and at the same time is ‘torn’ by various thoughts and questions whose answers he/she searches among friends mostly. Remind yourself that you have been like that as well – what will you do now?

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