How much you can clean in the morning? Find out how to do the maximum early before work

Morning cleaningOk, nobody likes tidying up in the late evening after work. On the other side, everyone prefers to relax, sleep till afternoon or having a walk during the weekend. Using the days-off for sanitising the house is, definitely, not favorable, either.

And here is the question – when to cleanse and wash the domestic area then? Why not trying doing this early in the morning? Find out how to do the maximum of your housekeeping obligations early before work and feel free to do whatever you want in the evenings, weekends and holidays:

  • At first, resign yourself to wake up one or two hours earlier. In the beginning it will be hard, but once you see the benefits of this strategy, you will never give up from it!

  • Secondly, consider the agenda household chores and those that are most long-lasting. For instance, we strongly recommend you to turn on the washing machine right next after you have made yourself a coffee for the start of the day.

  • The laundry will be done in one hour, so handle the next tasks from the regular domestic refreshing. Make yourself a healthy breakfast and while you are in the kitchen, degrease the oven. Till the eggs are boiling and the slices of toast are being prepared, tidy up the shelves and sweep the floor.

  • Look around your house! Make some examinations and postpone the chores for the next morning. For example, leave the carpet cleaning for tomorrow, but move the furniture today! Help yourself all the time.

  • When you finish with your breakfast fill the last gap in the dishwasher and load it! This means you can skip the dinner cleanup the previous evening.

  • Go wake up your kids and start making the beds together. Do the same check once again and see if something from the bedrooms needs to be washed or wiped immediately!

  • In case you have 5 or 10 minutes left, rub the upholstery, scrub the furniture or speed-polish the windows with a clean cloth!

Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

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