How do different pets prepare for winter

How do different pets prepare for winterHow do different pets prepare for winterDo you have a pet? Have you noticed how your fellow prepares for cold months? Well, check out now:

  • Cats. Cats become calmer, they sleep longer and seamlessly navigate to the warmest place in the room – usually around the radiator. Like dogs they start actively to languish. This means you will need more frequent domestic cleaning London of the house, because of the hair spread all around. In order their new hair to grow thick and shiny, add to their menu treats with biotin, and taurine. The most common winter ailment of cats is cold. Symptoms are snotty, but dry nose, sneezing, decreased appetite, lack of mood and fever, but note that normal for them temperature is 39 ° C. If you notice that a few days your cat has disappeared from sight (hiding at any dark, lonely place), it may suffer from a more serious disease. It is then necessary to seek the help of a veterinarian, not of upholstery cleaners London.

  • Rodents. It’s fun to watch hamsters prepare for winter, especially females, who make a warm nest. You can help them with building materials such as torn tissue paper and supplement with sawdust. Most rodents (guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchilla) instinctively begin to hoard food. Every day check “their warehouse”, because any spoiled or moldy food can make them poisoned. There are special multivitamins for rodents.

  • Aquarium. Most importantly for fish in winter is to have enough sunlight. Therefore, if necessary, move the tank closer to the window. Different types of fish have different requirements to temperature. Those whose homeland is southern sea need extra water heating using a special heater.

  • Feathered. In late autumn birds also need a rich and varied menu to grow their feathers bright and healthy. If it is difficult to provide it to them the solution is multivitamins, which are added to the water. Ventilate carefully or cover the cage with a cloth tightly.

Winter is close, so prepare your pet to meet it the best way.

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