How different detergents affect the carpet during cleaning?

Detergents for carpet cleaningThinking over refreshing your carpet soon? Wondering which plans to expel from your week schedule and provide some special treatment for your brand new rug? Before doing these and before going shopping for the needed equipment, stop for a bit and read the following article!

It could be very useful for you and very life-saving for your carpet! Have you ever asked yourself “How different detergents affect the carpet during cleaning?”. Well, it is the rightest moment to find out and the least painful way to avoid damages:

  • Natural cleansers – most of them, of course, are harmless and effective. Experts keep claiming that homemade solutions for carpet stain removers or for deodorising are better than those from the store. Products such as white vinegar for washing up and citruses for killing the germs are amazing! However, there are natural goods, which are not nice for your rugs – bleach, too much borax and too fatty essential oils for the delicate items!

  • Carpet shampoos – most of them are really tender and give a delicate touch to the carpets. However, the drawback of these products is that they may be not very powerful in bacteria killing and reducing the dust. Some shampoos cleanse the upper layer of the surface and leave the inner part of the rugs totally full of germs!

  • Speaking of pests, some chemical products are able to do both – wash and kill the home bugs! Be attentive with them, because they are not harmful to pests, but to people, too. If you have dust mites or ants, for instance, disinfect the carpet outdoors and let it air for a couple of days. Then, you can bring it back to your living environment.

  • Professional cleaning solutions are either 100% natural, or chemical. In most cases, though, products with chemical substances that are used by the expert cleaners are tested by official institutions and they are not injurious.

  • Small kids and pets may get affected by your choice of goods for carpet treatment. Do not risk and always read the labels or if you cannot understand some of them, contact a specialist, doctor or a vet!

  • Avoid products for carpet cleaning that include the following ingredients – corrosives, phosphates and petroleum. They cause environmental problems at home and they may become agents for headaches, lung disease, nausea, allergic, sneezing and eye irritation.

  • Last, but not least, there are products for carpet treatment that can ruin the material at once! One of them is bleach. Forget about these cleansers – especially during the end of tenancy wiping!

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