House cleaning in a rush before guests

House cleaning in a rush before guestsWhen you are about to welcome unexpected guests at home, an extreme cleaning need arises.

To avoid running back and forth around the house and waste any time, make a plan and stick to it.

Hallway (3 minutes)

 Take a laundry basket and a plastic bag. Add anything that is not in its place to the basket – hats, gloves, slippers, etc.

Put the smaller things that could easily get lost in the bag – keys, chargers, receipts and bills.

Tie the bag and throw it on top of the things in the same basket. Shake off the mats and wipe the dust of all the surfaces.

Living Room (3 minutes)

 Everything that is unnecessary should be out of sight! Continue to fill the laundry basket – toys, papers, etc. Along the way, carefully arrange the cushions, the TV remote, the magazines. Wipe the dust from the TV screen, the coffee table and the shelves. Hide the basket with the collected things in the pantry, in the closet or on the balcony.

Bathroom (5 min)

 Put the bath cosmetics and personal hygiene products in the bath cabinets. Dirty towels and socks – in the washing machine. Wipe the mirror, the faucets, the sink and the shelf with the soap dish and the toothbrush holder. Quickly clean and dry the toilet seat. Hang clean towels and spray with air freshener.

Kitchen (4 minutes)

 Put the dirty dishes in the sink and flush them with hot water (the pots and pans could be hidden in the cabinet or even in the oven, you can wash them later!). Meanwhile, remove all food leftovers from the dining table (put them in the fridge!) Wipe the table and the kitchen top.

Rinse the dishes in the sink (the dirt on them is already dissolved), wipe the surfaces of the sink and the stove. Quickly clean the floor with a damp mop (if you do not have time, sweep the soil under the oven or the sink, you will wash it after your guests leave).

The apartment is ready to welcome your guests! Open the door and greet them. You will take care of the hidden dirt when the visit is finished.

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