Home Interior Trends – 2013

Home interior trends 2013According to the leading interior consultants, the current trends in home furnishing for 2013 will keep incorporating natural component in the indoor environment like wood, stone, wool, cotton, bamboo, etc.

An interesting combination between tradition and fashion will be imposed, involving all the shapes, fabrics and colors. As most trendy colors for walls, floors and upholstery will be identified the blue, green, orange, red, and of course, the eternal white, gray and black.

The wallpapers will stay in earth tones, but even bolder colors will have a tribute, such as turquoise and purple in all their shades. Floral motives and geometric shapes from the 60’s will be a total hit. Embossed wallpapers will be preferred for being visually very attractive.

The wall stickers will undergo a real Renaissance in interior design, allowing home owners to express their personal style and individuality in a very practical way.

The furniture will be made of natural materials, but roughly shaped, exposing retro style and natural charm. Laminate, cork and wood will be recommended for flooring materials. As we all know, such materials create a unique friendly, warm atmosphere in every home.

Let’s move on to the lighting at home. It must be well pointed and matched with the furniture and the overall vision of the room. In the older days the lights had a different purpose – just industrial, but then it underwent a metamorphosis and now it is playing an important role in the complement of the interior.

Any wreaths made of dried flowers, wood and bamboo will be widely used in home decoration. The soft cushions will not leave the fashion scene this year. Along with they being terribly comfortable and sweet in their different shapes and sizes, they also contribute to the elegant style at home.

So, why wait? If you are about to renovate or even just refresh your home, take advantage of our advices for interior trends 2013 and go jamming.

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