Home Cleaning – 6 handy tips

Home cleaningThese practical baby wipes

Baby wipes that come in large packs are great helpers in the kitchen, bathroom and lavatory. They can clean stains, wipe dirt, absorb liquids and disinfect. How useful!

Concentration on home cleaning chores

If you are not in love with the housekeeping jobs, but you need to finish them, divide your day into several couple-of-hours-tasks, and try to work them out around your schedule.

For example, set up the kitchen timer on twenty minutes and wash the dishes. Ten minutes for wiping counters.

Try to fit in the allotted time, and do not leave your cleaning work unfinished. Time assigned in advance will give you the motivation to clean purposefully and briskly. Play your favourite music, that will make your job even easier.

Remove sturdy stickers

In order to remove the old decals from surfaces of cabinets, tiles, etc., use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. Moisten the swab with the rubbing alcohol and scrub the stickers. Alcohol also dissolves the glue and labels stuck on the new-bought products, so you can remove them easily with simple scrubbing.

Home cleaning attack

If you’re expecting guests, but you do not have enough time to clean all the rooms, focus on the bathroom. This is the room in which your guest will spend more time alone and can notice the filth and mess.

Cleaning lampshades

If you can not clean the lampshades with a vacuum-cleaner or cloth, use the clothes cleaning roller. Its sticky surface will snatch the dirt from the lampshades with the same result, as if it snatches the hairs from the clothing.

Cleaning of glassware

Use raw rice grains, a little amount of water and a few drops of dish washing liquid to clean the contaminated glassware. Sip the mixture in the glassware and shake vigorously for a couple of minutes, then rinse. And there it is – clean glassware!

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