Get over the freezing weather with the hot Flamenco Festival

 Flamenco Festival London 2014Thinking how to overcome the horrible cold time? Do not want to poke your nose out of the house just to survive the under-zero temperatures? Enough with hiding at home! It is time for you to deal with the coldness and get out of your house, because life and all of its amazing emotions and experiences are actually at the outdoors? We suggest you a super nice idea to get over the freezing weather!

Just join the hot Flamenco Festival in London and heat the atmosphere of the unpleasant March with friends or with your better half! Become a part of the most passionate dance arena and dive into the deep flamboyant show of one of the greatest performance this month!

  • Basic information – the annual Flamenco Festival in London is back to warm you up and cheer all those of you, who suffer from boredom and freezing! The festival impresses with its brilliant skirt-swirling and foot-stamping drama, where love, hate and exaltation increase the level of hot blood in veins both – in the artists and in the spectators!

  • Flamenco Festival in London brings the most popular Spanish Flamenco dancers and performers to the local stage! This year’s star is the charming and the attractive Sara Baras, who has already conquered the world with her vehement moves and master dancing combinations! Once again she will rock your world and make you stay in the Flamenco gypsy world forever.

  • UK premiere – during the Flamenco Festival in London, you may also check on the newest dancing conceptions by some local directors, too. Expect the stage to be shaken by Angel Munoz and Gala Flamenca; Miguel Poveda and La Lupi who will perform brand new dance show spectacles by UK producers.

  • When? – starting from 1st of March and ending at 15th of March, this 2-week hot music dancing event is about to cause to hesitate the weather forecast for the next couple of days!

  • Where? – Flamenco Festival in London will take place in Sadler’s Wells Theatre, Rosebery Avenue! The modern dance and music arena keeps the traditions since its opening in the 17th century, but also creates new art directions for the contemporary live performance philosophy.

  • Tickets – 12-45 pounds that will really worth it!

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