Food you choose shows what you miss in life

Food - biggest desiresExperts in medicine and psychology have come up with a new research that determines the connection between the consumed food and people’s biggest desires, needs and shortages in life. It turns out that food you choose shows what you miss in life indirectly.

The subject here isn’t about the most favourite dish of the individual. It is about the excessive consumption of some particular product. This product indicates your personal dreams or inner psychological problems.

See more details about the conclusions in this curious research:

  • Apples in large quantity – perhaps these people look like eco-friendly and health-supporting personalities that care about their good shape and low cholesterol. Though, it seems that they also suffer from lack of Vitamin D, which symbolises the summer. Moreover, this means that apple lovers actually miss the relaxation and they usually need a big rest. These guys are really hard-working.

  • All kinds of nuts – whether they choose peanuts or seeds, almonds or walnuts, people of these types are obsessed by the details. They are extremely punctual in the office and they never skip anything at home, either – deep carpet maintenance is done once a month, disinfection of the bathroom is done once a week and so on, and so on. What these people miss is usually support from others. They cannot rely on someone else and that is why they love doing everything by their own, because they trust only themselves.

  • Meat and fatty products – they swallow everything, which is fried or baked with a nice sauce. Calories do not bother them and they really love eating those “forbidden” products, which are bad for health. What these people miss is simply the fun. They compensate the joy, laugh and happiness with a food that is tasty and delicious, but extremely harmless.

  • Chocolate, sweets and all kinds of desserts – you may guess what these people miss, because it is well-known that in depression a person really stick to sweet products. Besides feeling unhappy, these people actually miss ordinary things and this drives them crazy. Some of them still do not have partner in life, others are in trouble to find a decent job and some people even long for an own home. Just be careful with the cakes and muffins, because you can never know when destiny will smile at you. You may finally get a house, but putting so much weight may become a total challenge for a quick end of rental cleaning!

So, you may now agree – it is true that you are what you eat!

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