Find the most appropriate place for your sports trophies

Find the most appropriate place for your sports trophiesHaving a sport career or just still keeping the college sports achievement as the most sincere memory in your heart is really impressive and admirable. Sport is great and probably, humanity will never give up from it. It inspires, it disciplines and it just makes our lives more reasonable and full of value. Never forget your sports successes – it does not matter on what scale they were! On the contrary – find the most appropriate place for your sports trophies at home! Here are our helpful ideas:

  • Take the advantage of the empty shelves in your living room. Here is where all your guests will have the chance to see your sports achievements! Also, what else could be a better decoration than your full sports trophy collection?

  • In your basement nook. If you have such a private home place for solitude, it is the best place for your rich sports trophies. This idea isn’t about being shy about your amazing sports success, but about displaying it for your own personal inspiration in a place you love to spend your free time!

  • In a separated glass drawer. You can either create it by choosing some awesome DIY projects in the web, or investing in a new piece of furniture. Come on, the money is worth it – these are your sports trophies after all! Besides, it will not break any no-decoration rule that has been established by your landlord, so you will definitely win the end of tenancy cleaning race!

  • Framed trophies. All your medals and badges can fit inside a framed panel! Naturally, you will need to work on the decoration part and make the display really wonderful and outstanding. To keep the trophies safe, cover them with glass or tiny plastic!

  • On a hanger in your office. What could be a better lunch break from all that boring accounting tasks than looking at your sports trophies for a second? Also, it could be a lovely idea to install a small ladder and hang them there!

  • At the entryway. Boast with them to every person that enters your home! You deserve it! Just don’t forget to mention your house cleaners to keep an eye on them and be extra cautious, while they sanitise the lobby!

We really hope you have found your most suitable trophy display idea, because they should be put on display!

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