Fight the Autumn fatigue

Fight the autumn fatigueThere has been made a study showing that Brits are prone to get down with numerous colds and flus around wintertime. They actually develop a CFS – chronic fatigue syndrome more during autumn and early winter. There is a reason for this period to be called flu season. The most interesting fact in this survey is the fact that scientists actually blame CFS like a kind of infectious agent.

There is straight subordination between the decrease in sunlight during those cold months and increase of the colds, flus, sore throats, etc. So it has been scientifically proven that your lack of activity is not laziness, but cold weather fatigue, called CFS.

Now the question stays of how to fight the symptoms efficiently.

Check out our valuable tips and follow them strictly:

– Do your best to exercise more, make it even for only 5 – 10 minutes a day. It may be hard at first to fight the lack of ambition and energy to do it, but in a long term this brings more to your health then taking vitamins.

Stay outside in the sunlight for non less than 45 minutes. Take long walks in the open even in cloudy days – fresh air will improve your blood circulation like no pill ever will. Try to make it a habit. Use those walks to get to work, visit the store or just have some fun with friends.

Get a hobby that will not let you feel miserable even if it is raining cats and dogs all week. It may be some manually assembled projects, or decoration of the home. Proven upbringing method is to be around toddlers and little kids. They will not let you hear your thought, what’s left for being alone with them.

Reading amusing magazines and books really helps. It’s very easy to lose yourself into someone elses story.

– Undertake some deep one off cleaning and prepare your home for the next cold season. Household chores will grab your attention and you will feel useful and significant.

-Rest always when you feel the need to. A rested mind is never a bothered one. Never deprive your body of this craving – the first step is recovery.

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