Domestic cleaning with ammonia and white vinegar solution

cleaning with ammonia and white vinegarContemporary cleaning products are easy and available. Mostly, they are affordable and competitive in the domestic fight against dust, germs and unpleasant spots on the surfaces. You can easily find a cleanser for stains or a cleaning solution for wooden furniture in the store! Everything is perfectly and attractively ordered in the supermarket. All you have to do is to select and to pay! Though, the effect of the commercial cleansers is not that perfect or attractive! Acid toxins and harmful ingredients with unknown origin can spoil the natural living environment in your home. Eventually, domestic cleaning will be nothing else, but cursory hiding of the mess and absorption of the noxious surrounding.

Domestic cleaning chores may be more useful and helpful, if you perform them with some natural products! Choosing the green cleansers to the commercial acid products is half of your path to the victory and the winning is a great and comfortable home place! See how easy and secured domestic sanitising can be with the disinfecting mixture of white vinegar and baking soda!

  • First of all, remember than singly – ammonia and vinegar – can be used in all kinds of cleaning chores at home. Daily routine sanitising with white vinegar is recommended for fresh home surfaces, while baking soda is perfect for dirtiness, stain and germs removal! Though, be attentive, when you use the combination of the products – sometimes the chemical reactions of them may spoil your home interior elements and parts. Use only the following domestic cleaning solutions with ammonia and vinegar.

  • Make a mixture of soda and white vinegar for unblocking the drains in your home! Don’t be scared of the buzzing noise and rinse with hot water in the end of the procedure!

  • Maintain your garbage disposal fresh and neutral as spreading odour – sprinkle some baking soda among the trash container. It should be cleaned with a soapy product in advance. Let the ammonia act and then rinse with vinegar!

  • Clean your stainless steel sink – scrub with a toothbrush and ammonia! Then apply some white vinegar and rub! Rinse with cold water!

  • Kill the germs and bacteria in the closet or in the attic with the mixture!

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