Dirtiest places at home – surprising!

Dirtiest places at homeA new study shows, that the dirtiest place in the house, literally teeming with microbes, are the blinds. You can try to disprove this theory, stating that the toilet is the dirtiest place at home. Well, you are very far from the truth, because it turns out that it is perhaps the purest place in your home. In fact, the blinds turned out to be the favorite place of the dirt and the germs. You can not even imagine how many of them are hidden in every corner of the room. By the way, the trash bins are next place full of bacteria on the chart.

The best way to clean your blinds would be to put them down, then wipe them with a dry cloth up and than down. This will create an anti static barrier that will prevent the dust from gathering again on the blinds at least for a while.

The rubbish bins take the second position for dirtiest place at home, but this is not a surprise. You must be aware that it is a breeding ground for all kind of bacteria. Throwing the garbage every day seems not to be enough, you have to wash the bins as well regularly and sanitize them.

Home plants and flowers are covered with a lot of dust as well, it is recommended to clean their leaves every week so they wouldn’t become hazardous for the health.

The wallet and the credit cards are the dirtiest things we use in our daily life. The research investigating which places at home the gems inhabit the most, shows that we can not trust even our toothbrush. Turns out this is the dirties item in the bathroom. If you cannot think of anything that would pollute your toothbrush, try to imagine all the bacteria living in the bathroom vanity.

The solution is only one – cleaning. Thorough deep cleaning. Use professional services from time to time – their equipment is specially designed to fight dirt and germs.

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