Controlling Condensation and Humidity in Your Home

Condensation and HumidityThe strong control on your home place is essential. Once you lose this control, you lose both – the possibility to feel nice in your own place and the most significant factors of the convenience such as cosiness, warmth and practicality. Condensation and humidity are things you definitely need to control in your house. Otherwise, they can compromise the building inhabitants and cause serious damages to the entire property. Read now more information about this topic and learn interesting tips to prevent high levels of condensation and humidity in your living environment:

  • The first thing that may come to your mind is the mould! Yes, the condensation and the humidity are, of course, the most common factors, which create mould all over your house. You need to know that mould grows really fast and it can cause allergic rashes, pests and other unpleasant and unhealthy conditions in your family. It is a fact that if you stop the humidity in an area in 2 days (maximum) you minimise the chances for mould creation up to 90%.

  • Any expert cleaners or anybody, who works in the professional cleaning services industry will tell you that the washing machine, the sink and the pipes are the top sources of high level of condensation. Unclogging the drains must be done at least once per 3 months, if you want to protect your house from leaks!

  • The roof gutters must be also regularly sanitised and repaired in case of injuries or breakages. After all, humidity comes from the inside, too, not only from the sink or from your house water canals.

  • Maintain your air conditioner, too! Even though you live on a rent and the gadget is not actually your own property, make sure that its drip pans are always disinfected and drain lines unobstructed and pouring properly. You can skip this chore, but the end of tenancy sanitising will not be easy at all with a high level of humidity and too much mould all over the house!

  • Besides the mould, the condensation and the humidity, wear out some delicate items from your interior. Carpet cleaning, for example, must be always accompanied by proper drying after that. If the rug is made of natural materials and it is kept wet for long time, do not expect it will look fluffy and stylish for long!

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