Cleaning up antifreeze

Cleaning up antifreezeAntifreeze is harmful substance, that is toxic and if ingested can cause serious health problems to humans and pets. There are two kinds of antifreeze: ethylene glycol (greenish-yellow in colour, sweet in flavour) and propylene glycol (pink or orange and less toxic). It happens sometimes person to spill antifreeze and cleaning it fast is of great importance. Check out our tips how to do it:

  1. Restricted area. In the garage, on the patio or at home, try to keep pets and children away from the spilled until you clean it.

  2. Absorb it. Pour sand, kitty litter or another absorbing material, let it absorb as much antifreeze as possible.

  3. Take precautions. Do not touch the stain or the material that has absorbed it. Use rubber gloves because if antifreeze gets through your skin it damages internal organs. Collect the soaked material and put it in a bag. Keep it on a safe place till you can dispose it without the option to be found by animals or people.

  4. Back to the stain. Scrub the place vigorously with warm water and soap. If you have a contract with professional house cleaners, warn them that the place has been contaminated with antifreeze, so they don’t use products that can connect with it and cause further troubles.

  5. Waste water. Do not spill it in the drain. If the spill happens at home, sop the water up with towels and throw them away with the other dangerous junk. If you have garden, throw the water there and the soil will filtrate it before it reaches groundwater.

  6. Bad surprises. If spilling antifreeze on carpet happens during your end of rental cleaning, quickly get old cloth, cold water and white vinegar. Use the cloth to soak up the liquid but don’t press and rub it. Dispose the cloth like in the previous occasion. Now use the water mixed with vinegar to dilute the glycol. Pour with spray bottle if possible and soak with paper or cloth. Repeat several times till the carpet doesn’t look oily anymore. Put baking soda or cornmeal over the stain for the night and vacuum on the other day. Other way you will probably lose your deposit because the carpet will need changing.

  7. Emergencies. If being ingested or fumes from it have been inhaled, get medical help as soon as possible. If antifreeze has been spilled on your skin wash carefully with soap and water and if irritation appears, go to a doctor.

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