Cleaning professional or obsessive-compulsive disorder sufferer – the true story of Vicky

Cleaning professional or obsessive-compulsive disorder sufferer – the true story of VickyYou have heard of people suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – a condition that can be controlled and professional therapy is vital. OCD sufferers can refocus their problem in choosing a proper work position.

Such is the case of many young women that have the so called “cleaning mania”. About 12% of all OCD sufferers have the fear of infections and are cleaning perfectionists.


  • Mania for contamination from touch

  • Constantly repeating cleaning procedures with the use of stronger cleaning materials.

As a child Vicky Palmers’ favourite game was to tidy up everything around her. This may have seemed good for her parents as they have never come across a pile of toys or dirt all over the house. But as the years passed her mania in keeping everything in perfect order and constantly tidying up became a serious behavioural problem.


Vicky realises that her hobby was to sanitise the bath and getting rid of stubborn stains or hairs were “fun”. Everything had to be perfect and neat. Every item is set in a specific order and Vicky could not stand breaking it – towels in a straight line, jars neatly stacked, etc. She is also obsessed with washing hands.


Vicky’s OCD has been an obstacle for her to settle for a permanent job, until she made it into the cleaning business. She managed to use her mania as an advantage and the 26-year-old Vicky Palmers turned out to be the ideal cleaning contractor. She was already an expert and soon the company she set started booming. She knew the best products on the market. She personally worked out the best cleaning procedure of each item.

  • Carpet cleaning for instance – she hand mixed detergents into personal solutions for every fabric;

  • Tiles – she wiped with commercially available strawberry flavoured cleansers, as to mask the bleach smell. She considers strawberries flavor as her trademark. She even invented her own method for floor polishing that is helpful in her professional career.

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