Clean baby food from your entire house – effective tips

Baby food cleaningHaving a baby at home is a two-way experience. At one hand, you are filled with joy and love all the time. Though, at the other hand, your house will be filled with lots of stains and dirtiness. You can skip any of these 2 essential parts from the taking-care-of-a-baby process, but you can have in mind some good tips that may help you cope with the grime.

Mostly, the dirtiness appears from the baby food, so see how to deal with such stains in your house:

  • Wood. Deal the stains on such surfaces by damping it with an ordinary sponge. Apply some soapy water and then dry immediately. For a better effect, you may add some polish or wax in the end of the process.

  • Silver. Rinse the item with hot water once the stain was made. Grab a clean cloth and rub. Polish for few minutes in order to avoid tarnish spots.

  • Wallpaper. Be gentle and careful, because the paper will soak the dirtiness very fast. Blot and scrape the bigger pieces of the baby food. Then, wipe with toilet paper and start patting till the stain is gone. If it does not work, try with few drops of rubbing alcohol.

  • Carpet cleaning. It does not matter whether the item is 100% natural or synthetic. What you have to do is to sponge the stain and then use some universal dry cleaning solvent. Let it remain for few minutes.

  • Aluminium, marble, enamel, porcelain, stainless steel and glass. Use sudsy warm water to sponge. Then rinse with cool water. If the stain is still there, try with washing with some lemon juice or white vinegar.

  • Grout. Wipe away the leftover pieces of the baby food and then use wet toothbrush to apply some dry cleaning solvent. Start rubbing till the dirtiness is gone. Rinse with cold water, when you finish.

  • Leather. Save your luxurious leather upholstery or yourself from the bad outcome from the end of rental cleaning! Eliminate the baby food stains from such surfaces with lukewarm water and some ordinary dishwashing detergent.

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