Carpet materials from the past and their hygienic maintenance

Carpet materialsThe first carpets appeared in Asia. Later, the famous across the entire world Turkish and Persian carpets advanced even more. Today, the global carpeting industry has been registering a new comeback of the rug as a main element in a room. The past few decades were quite hard for the carpets since people started preferring simpler and more minimalistic house arrangements. Well, this mania is gone now and carpets – Thank God – are again accepted as the most beautiful addition in the interior design. But let’s go back once again and examine the carpet materials from past and their maintenance philosophy. As everything in this world comes back again on the wheel of time, the old-fashioned rug fibres may also appear. It could be good to be prepared for their treatment in advance, right?

  • Yarn carpets were the most famous and exquisite carpets in past. Being one of the first models on the planet, in 20th century they become essential parts of everyone’s home. It did not matter if a family is rich, or it is a house of a single poor guy. There were always carpets and mostly they were made of natural materials – usually wool.

  • The best way of woollen carpet treatment is the green one. Since the manufacturing material is natural, you need to care for it naturally, too. Carpet cleaning with all the eco-friendly solutions you know is easy and healthy. Besides, you do not risk your pet-friendly and kid-safe environment.

  • Nylon carpets have come to the world in the middle of the 20th century, when the artificial materials began prevailing on the industry. The leather became artificial, the women started using too much artificial cosmetics and even the furniture was plastic, but not wooden. Well, carpets became nylon and the good thing was their easy maintenance.

  • Nylon carpets are very simple to be kept in a good condition. If you hire domestic cleaners, who visit your house twice per week, and they only vacuum it, your rugs will stay in a safe and fresh condition for up to a decade.

Whether it is a synthetic, or natural, any carpet deserves your attention. Otherwise, why did you even install it, if you do not want to take care of it?

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