Boost your immune system in winter with few easy tips

Boost your immune systemCold days, wet streets, snowy conditions and so many bacteria, new flu viruses and contact with other people during the winter holiday! All of these factors lead to disease and colds. The lack of direct sunlight, the vitamins from summer and the well conditions are gone and what are here now are the immune killers!

Don’t spoil your days-off and do not allow a bad flu to interfere the most awaited fests in the year – Christmas and The New Year’s Eve. Boost your immune system in winter with few easy tips:

  • Go and breathe fresh – no matter how freezing it is outside, wrapping yourself at home will not help you to avoid bacteria and cold.On the contrary, the more you stay in a warm and cosy place by denying the outside climate condition, the bigger is the chance for you to start sneezing after a short visit in the local supermarket!

  • Consume vitamins – suppress on vitamin C, but other vitamins such as B complex pack, D, Calcium and magnesium are also beneficial for the immune system. Attention – pick up vitamins which are GMO-free!

  • Get used to the smell of garlic – consume it and teach your entire family to eat it, too. In case the taste of it is too hard in the beginning, start with garlic sauces and spicy additions to meals. However, fresh garlic is top booster for the immune system – especially in winter and in the fight with flu!

  • Do not let yourself dehydrate – water is universally significant. Every doctor and every scientist will tell you that the more water you drink, the fresher, healthier, thinner and younger you will stay. Though, in winter, water is important to take out all of the bad germs from your organism!

  • Sports and exercise – make yourself a personal Christmas gift and subscribe for the local gym. Don’t miss a chance to make some yoga, when you get lucky to steal few hours to be home alone! In short, movements boost your immune system, so in case of a removal, perform the end of tenancy clean up on your own, too! It will also help you lose some weight and get inside that amazing night dress for the office Christmas party!

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