Blender cleanup with no efforts or expensive products

Blender cleanupBlender is a super kitchen gadget! You can use for amazing sauce preparation, when you cook a warm meal for a cold winter dinner or for a cooling off healthy smoothie in summer. The multifunctional nature of blender makes it a significant part of the kitchen supplies. It is a super all-purpose machine and it could be good to have it forever. Maintaining your blender is not difficult, at all. The only harsh job is to sanitise it comprehensively. Otherwise, you will permanently leave miniature pieces of food inside the blender mechanism. This will quickly damage it. Meet our guides for blender cleanup and prevent it from fast dead. No special or exhausting efforts are needed and no expensive products are required. We present you a simple cleansing solution again – as we always do:

  • Take the blender apart. Make sure all removable pieces are detached and try washing each of them one by one. Commonly, your task is to polish and disinfect the following components – the lid, the inside bottom, where the products are processed and stored, blades, gasket seal and main corpuses.

  • The inside parts such as the corpus may be wiped with microfiber. In case you do not maintain your blender very often, use some mild dishwashing soapy liquid or white vinegar to get rid of the bacteria and all the grime.

  • Most of the blender pieces may be soaked into soapy water that contains few drops of essential oil. Use the time to cleanse the most essential part of the cutting machine – the jar. Some degreaser or borax will disinfect it nicely. Rub with sponge and then carefully dry!

  • Check the blender for dried food. Try to scrub it with wire sponge, but do not use the blade or knife! Protect yourself from injuries and try to rub the spots and the remains with some professional home cleaning product, if ordinary detergent does not work.

  • Wipe the motor housing with no water. If it is too dusty and smelly, you can wash with white vinegar and then take up with a clean cloth.

Belonging to the kitchen, the blender cannot be excluded from the routine house cleaning! Keep this in mind and treat your smoothie-cooker well!

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