Birthday party preparation – do some cleaning

Birthday party preparationOnce a year everyone feels extremely special and in the center of the events! Once a year every person feels a bit more extraordinary, creative and attractive to surrounding people! Once a year everyone wins the general attention! This is your day and your birthday! Yes, you will receive plenty of gifts, kisses, hugs and wishes! However, it is not a secret that you will have to deserve them at first.

The only way for earning that awesome day is to arrange and manage your birthday party! It is not easy, but it’s not impossible, either! All you have to do is to prepare your lovely home and transfigure it into an arena for positive emotions and memorable celebration. When your birthday party preparation comes, don’t forget to do some cleaning, too! As a matter of fact, one off cleaning in your house is an essential part of the birthday organisation. Keep calm and have your birthday in a lovely and hygienic living environment! Here are some tricky and simple tips for occasional one off cleaning you can use:

  • Make a plan for the entire evening and then start with the real cleaning! For instance, there’s no need to clean the bedroom – especially if you don’t have enough time for overall house cleaning. Just lock the doors of the rooms, where your guests will not enter and reduce the amount of cleaning tasks!

  • Clean and sanitise the kitchen as soon as you finish with the menu preparation. Do as much mess as you want to, while you are preparing the dinner or making the cocktail set for your outdoor garden party! But when you are done with cooking, get the broom and the mop, and disinfect the kitchen properly!

  • Living room is where people usually celebrate an occasion at home! Here is where all of your efforts should be focused on! Start with the furniture and the upholstery! Make sure that no stain will embarrass you in front of your dearest guests. Wipe the seats and disinfect the sets, cabinets, wardrobes and shelves! Go on with decoration refreshment and finish with floor cleaning and polishing!

  • Don’t forget to sanitise the bathroom! Clean the sink and the tub! Change the towels and make sure that there’s everything necessary for individual hygiene – soap, disinfector, and toilet paper!

Have fun!

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