Billiard table in your large living room – why not?

Billiard table in your large living roomHave you ever dreamt for a billiard room? Of course, you have – who hasn’t? The idea of having a special recreational room where you can put a pool table and enjoy your hobby is really amazing. Unfortunately most of us do not have a spare room in their homes.  But do not worry, if you really want something, you can have it. So why don’t you install your dream pool table in your living room? Some people would think that is absolutely crazy thing to do but if you have living room which is spacious enough and you adore playing pool with your friends – you should definitely do it.

Yet there are some things you must bear in mind in order to make the right decision when buying your billiard table.

  • What pool table is best for gaming?

Consider 8-foot table – it is a perfect choice. Such a table will allow you to improve your skills and really enjoy the game. Smaller tables are not a good option. For serious players the recommended size is 9 inch table but a few can really afford to place such a big table in their living room. It seems that space is the crucial factor.

  • Size of the cues

The majority of people usually consider only the size of the pool table itself without realising that you need additional space around the table so you can easily make shots with the cue sticks. Normally all cue sticks are 57’’ long. Of course if the space is not enough – you can always go with a shorter stick for your convenience.

  • Pool table with folding legs

Usually when your new billiard table is finally installed in your living room, you cannot move it. This can make the usual tasks like carpet cleaning or vacuuming, quite difficult. For this reason you may consider buying a pool table with folding legs. It is a perfect choice for small spaces because when you’re not in a mood for playing, you can easily fold it away.

  • Warranty and maintenance

Always pay attention on the post-sale services that the retailer offers – warranty and repair. Take care of your pool table – give straight instructions to your end of tenancy cleaners how to be cleaned properly.

As a conclusion, no matter what pool table you choose, remember to always  enjoy the game!

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