Best summer cocktails against heat and bad mood

Best summer cocktails against heat and bad moodMaybe you have asked all the Gods and Goddesses to bring the summer back – with its sunbathing, hot parties, holidays and meetings with all friends! Well, now when summer is here, it seems you are not happy again. This is not a paradox. On the contrary – this is the normal behavior and a feature of the human’s psychology! The truth is that you are never happy and satisfied completely. When summer has arrived, new complaints have arrived, too!

Seasonal refreshment for the house was demanded and the deep one off cleaning must have squeezed you! Financial argues with your better half for the upcoming summer vacations have spoilt your relationships again! The heat, though, is the biggest enemy of a person during summer!

Though, we now want to offer you few tips to say goodbye with both – the bad mood and the heat! Check out the following recipes for best summer cocktails! They are specially tailored methods against heat and bad mood:

  • Hurricane – let’s start with something hard and smashing! For the Hurricane cocktail you will need 30 ml Bacardi light rum, 60 ml of 3 types of juice – orange, pineapple and mango, 10 ml grenadine, 30 ml Amaretto and 30 ml Bacardi Select Rum. Mix all of the juices with the light rum at first and then pour the other rum! Garnish with a cherry!

  • Tropical rock – to prepare this super nice cocktail, turn on the rock music at first and then start mixing the ingredients. You will need 30 ml Bacardi Raspberry Rum, 30 ml Banana liqueur, 30 ml Midori drink, 200 ml Pina Colada vanilla or strawberry and 1 scoop of ice. Just, please be careful with the moves, not to spoil anything from your home interior. Don’t exchange the night cocktail experience with the boring carpet cleaning!

  • Super Tequila Mojito – super strong and super refreshing for summer mood suspension! Mix 50 ml Tequila with 3-4 lemon slices on the top of the glass! Then start flooding it with few drops of apple syrup, 8 leaves of natural mint and Sprite! If you don’t have sprite, use ordinary club soda! You must have a bit of it in the kitchen by all means! After all, club soda is top natural cleanser for general tasks in one off cleaning at home! Furthermore – if you do a stain now, you can use the rest of the soda for carpet cleaning!

  • Standard Honeydew Sour – last, but not least something light and bearable! Mix 60 ml Russian Standard Vodka with 15 ml honey syrup, 15 ml fresh lemon juice, 15 ml honey dew pure! Garnish with a green olive!

If you have some better suggestions for surviving during the summer heat, share them with us! Although, no cocktail, no party in summer, right?

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