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Make a total purge for happy life

Happy life Everyone wants to be happy, but only few can actually achieve it. They say happiness isn’t a destination, but an entire journey. Finding the harmony in life and thinking positive may sound easy, but eventually all of you start to believe that happiness is inside a human. Isn’t it time for you to consider this, too? Start with something really simple. Make a total purge for happy life.

 Expel all of the necessary things, feelings, relationships and thoughts! Clear up your life and start being nothing else, but simply happy Continue reading

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Wanna lose some weight – do your chores

Wanna lose some weight – do your chores  Do you want to lose some weight? If yes, you probably try to find the key in the strict diets or in doing sports. Maybe in both of them? You give the best of you and this is great. Ok, there is nothing wrong with sports, if you don’t overdo it. But a diet doesn’t mean starving and you should remember this.

  What is its real purpose is to eat carefully and “right”. This means to make right food combinations and follow some specific “rules”. This way you will not damage your health. With some patience, you will succeed, for sure.

  In addition to all existing methods for getting slimmer, we would tell you something – doing your household chores is really helpful, too. Scientists have proven it and they have calculated how many calories you lose while doing any of your duties. No matter how tedious or pleasant they are for you – these routine activities are very effective. Here is how many calories you burn, while maintaining your home clean and tidy (the numbers are approximate) Continue reading

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How to keep the elegant black or dark carpet clean and fresh

Dark carpet cleaning and  maintainingCarpets in black or dark nuance look really gorgeous on the floor area at home! They bring in an extremely fascinating touch into home interior design. In fact, this is a different, original and really intriguing interior design. Carpets are usually white – when owners accept beauty as more important than practicality and hygiene – or beige and brown, when they want to avoid the visibility of stains, dirtiness and dust!

You may think that having a black carpet is easier and simpler to be maintained and cleaned! Though, this is a myth you should forget about in case you have or you are about to have a stunning black carpet at home! Cleaning a carpet in a black or dark palette is a very special household chore! Plus – maintaining the elegant view of the black is even more peculiar! See how to keep clean and fresh the elegant black or dark carpet at home: Continue reading

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How to remove the mould – once and for all

Remove the mouldMould – surely everyone has had a “fight” with it a couple of times. When there is moisture, you can find mould – it’s just that simple. But it is not an ordinary problem to deal with. This is a kind of hidden enemy. Why? Because it’s dangerous – not only for the beauty of the house, but for your own health too.

Wet, dark and not enough ventilated places are perfect for these inferior organisms – that’s why they usually live in your bathroom, kitchen or basement. First, you notice the specific odour – it’s caused by harmful gases and toxins. Then some black spots appear.

They could provoke infections, allergies, poisoning and even cancer in a long period of time.

How to remove the mouldonce and for all? Firstly – think about what is the reason for the excessive moisture. For example:

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Preventive measures for carpets

Preventive measures for carpetsCarpet Cleaning is obligatory cleaning task. Adding it to your daily routine schedule or putting it on a pedestal, when it comes to deep and thorough cleaning operations such as Spring Cleaning or Tenancy Cleaning is a sign of good home hygiene. Meanwhile, freshness and beauty in your home are guaranteed! On the other side, too often carpet treatment is not recommended, either.

It is as bad as leaving the carpets dirty and in the lurch. Scrubbing too many stains or applying too much of cleaning detergent, when the situation is really for your rug, leads to dinginess and irreversible effects. Continue reading

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Dirtiest places at home – surprising!

Dirtiest places at homeA new study shows, that the dirtiest place in the house, literally teeming with microbes, are the blinds. You can try to disprove this theory, stating that the toilet is the dirtiest place at home. Well, you are very far from the truth, because it turns out that it is perhaps the purest place in your home. In fact, the blinds turned out to be the favorite place of the dirt and the germs. You can not even imagine how many of them are hidden in every corner of the room. By the way, the trash bins are next place full of bacteria on the chart.

The best way to clean your blinds would be to put them down, then wipe them with a dry cloth up and than down. Continue reading

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Some good ideas for the bathroom

Bathroom decorating ideasThe bathroom is where you relax every day. The renovation of a bathroom is expensive and involves a lot of time and frustration. That is why we do the renovation once every 10 or 15 years. Here are some good ideas for your bathroom, that will help you make it more interesting, more stylish and more good–looking:

  • To begin with change you need to know and follow the concept of the room. If you want to make the toilet more interesting, replace the toilet cover with a colourful and cheerful one and you will see how happy your kids will be.

  • Most children like marine symbols and images. Choose such a color for the tiles in your bathroom. Choose towels in green and blue to be more effective. Continue reading

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Specific stains, specific methods – Carpet Cleaning

Carpet stain removalCarpet cleaning at home is usually connected with dry or steam washing, drying and laying Scotchgard protector. However, there is a moment during the Carpet Cleaning operation that can make it harder and more complex and difficult.

This happens, when the carpet or the rug is covered with stains and greasy spots. Dust and microbes can be easily vacuumed in daily or regular cleaning, though, Carpet Stain Removal demands knowledge and information about techniques and methods.

It is always better if you kill the stain immediately, however, sometimes the old spot on the carpet appears unexpectedly during the One Off Cleaning or the Spring Cleaning. You must be aware that specific stains require specific methods for Carpet Cleaning. Continue reading

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