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The Mayor’s Thames Festival – the world ‘meets’ London

The Mayor’s Thames FestivalIf you have to think about any symbols of London, then you could name a lot of examples. After all, there is so much to see in the British capital. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben…Whatever you say, we know that Thames River will be on the list. It has been separating the city on northern and southern part for centuries. Nowadays, there is a special programme of events, dedicated to the river: the Mayor’s Thames Festival! It is held annually and attracts thousands of people from all around the world. This year only, the festival won’t last just a few days, but a whole month! Find out more about the Mayor’s Thames Festival 2014: Continue reading

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Should I clean during the summer vacation?

Should I clean during the summer vacationYes, you should! As any other time during the year, the vacation is also important for the domestic hygiene. Besides, this is the period, when you cannot excuse yourself from your household chores due to your busy office day or the tiredness. Naturally, vacation is mostly for resting, but neglecting your house entirely could be a huge mistake! So, yes – you should clean during the vacation! See more details about it now: Continue reading

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Carpet materials from the past and their hygienic maintenance

Carpet materialsThe first carpets appeared in Asia. Later, the famous across the entire world Turkish and Persian carpets advanced even more. Today, the global carpeting industry has been registering a new comeback of the rug as a main element in a room. The past few decades were quite hard for the carpets since people started preferring simpler and more minimalistic house arrangements. Well, this mania is gone now and carpets – Thank God – are again accepted as the most beautiful addition in the interior design. But let’s go back once again and examine the carpet materials from past and their maintenance philosophy. As everything in this world comes back again on the wheel of time, the old-fashioned rug fibres may also appear. It could be good to be prepared for their treatment in advance, right? Continue reading

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Extraordinary uses of oatmeal

Uses of oatmealA bowl full of oatmeal, sesame seeds and dark chocolate is the perfect start of your morning. It is extremely good for your health, easy to make and everybody loves oatmeal breakfast. But are you aware of the fact that the breakfast super food has much more benefits, regarding even cleaning and beauty care. You do not believe it – check the extraordinary uses of oatmeal below: Continue reading

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Reuse the old glass vessels by getting rid of their labels

Reuse the old vesselsYou all must have old glass vessels and you all must be wondering what to do with them. Other people, though, have no jars or glass bottles at home at all, because they just toss them. Mostly, housekeepers cannot find any new usage for the bottles and the jars because of their sticky labels. Of course, this can be truly understood, because any craftsman project with a nice retro Provincial jar cannot be so attractive if a label of a wine trademark or the list of the ingredients in the vegetable oil is on display. On the other side, we are here to prove you that the reuse of the old glass vessels can be a lot of fun and a lot of savings for you! As a bonus, you will be explained how to remove the sticky labels from the jars and bottles. The method is eco-friendly and you do not need any special chemical detergents. It is also quite easy, so you do not need to be professional cleaners to perform it! Continue reading

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Easter – pro guides for a lovely time

Easter – pro guides for a lovely time

Spring is always connected with a great mood, sunny walks and of course happy celebrating of Easter. Being the only significant and the most pleasant holiday during the season, Easter is definitely worth it to be perfectly arranged and stunningly experienced. We have gathered several pro guides for a lovely time. They will all suit the upcoming management of the Easter fest and they are all both – budget-friendly and simple to be accomplished:

  • Make the preparation for Easter a beginning of the holiday. You cannot say that the egg dying, the cookie making and the decoration process are not exciting and thrilling. Why not gathering your family or friends and start the party in advance! Continue reading

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Which are the things you should not clean often at home?

Thnigs you should not clean oftenIf you think that the entire house and each little piece of it need common and constant domestic sanitising, you are wrong! Actually, there are dozens of home items that do not require often washing. Furthermore – there are also things from the living environment that must be really rarely wiped and disinfected! So, if you are asking yourself “Which are the things I should not clean often at home?”, see the answers! Housekeeping has its limits, too:

  • You do not have to polish the chandelier often! It is more risky to take it down regularly! It is better to pick it up 4 times per year, when you do some deeper home disinfection. Use these occasions to brush the chandelier. Besides, materials such as glass and crystal do not like too much scrubbing!
  • You are not obliged to order and dust your library often. Such a chore is a total waste of time. On the other side, at one time you may start forgetting where you situated a particular book the previous time. By the way, to reduce the times for library cleansing, use the vacuuming technique to remove the dust! Nothing else is actually needed!

Continue reading

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Why young people have stopped leaving their home places?

Young people stopped leaving homeIn past, leaving home place was top priority for young people. Sometimes, adolescents even prefer to find an own place to shelter at first and then start growing in the career and making a family. Though, traditions are no longer what they used to be.

Of course, this is normal, but is it normal for your people to stay in their home places till 30s? The opinions may be different, but the reasons for such a trend in contemporary lifestyles are tangible.

See why young people have stopped leaving their home places – is it really only because of the economic collapse or there are other sources of explanation?

  • It is too expensive to have your own place – there is no way to skip this reason. It may be not the only one, but the expensive rents are definitely the first cons that appear in a young person’s mind, when he becomes 23 and the moment for leaving home place has arrived. Continue reading

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Food you choose shows what you miss in life

Food - biggest desiresExperts in medicine and psychology have come up with a new research that determines the connection between the consumed food and people’s biggest desires, needs and shortages in life. It turns out that food you choose shows what you miss in life indirectly.

The subject here isn’t about the most favourite dish of the individual. It is about the excessive consumption of some particular product. This product indicates your personal dreams or inner psychological problems.

See more details about the conclusions in this curious research Continue reading

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Boost your immune system in winter with few easy tips

Boost your immune systemCold days, wet streets, snowy conditions and so many bacteria, new flu viruses and contact with other people during the winter holiday! All of these factors lead to disease and colds. The lack of direct sunlight, the vitamins from summer and the well conditions are gone and what are here now are the immune killers!

Don’t spoil your days-off and do not allow a bad flu to interfere the most awaited fests in the year – Christmas and The New Year’s Eve. Boost your immune system in winter with few easy tips:

  • Go and breathe fresh – no matter how freezing it is outside, wrapping yourself at home will not help you to avoid bacteria and cold. Continue reading

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