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The most wonderful feelings in the world

The most wonderful feelings in the worldThere are some thing in the world, that give us great pleasure. Perhaps the list is endless and varies depending on different preferences of people. Why don’t you stop working for a while and check out our list:

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How To Choose Eco-Friendly Furniture

Green interior ideas for your homeWhen choosing furniture, you can come across many criteria which manufacturers claim: durability, comfort, functionality and, last but not least – whether the products are Eco-friendly.

What you need to know, if you want to choose high-quality furniture that are made with a thought for the environment? Here it is: Continue reading

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Reinvented Classic Family Entertainments

Family board games and entertainment ideasThere is nothing like a family night – nice meal, entertainment, film and memories. In the digital era it seems that everybody have closed themselves inside their devices and the connections are build only over the net. Can you change this at least for a night? Continue reading

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Things That Impact Your Risk Of Breast Cancer

Factors that increase risk of breast cancerOne from nine women is to be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. Yet there are risks and risks that put one women in the critical zone of hazardous for cancer.

  1. Fat and obese women have 30% to 60% more chance of developing breast cancer, then fit or underweight women. The reason for that is the higher levels of estrogen. The more fat the more estrogen, the more probability for cells to mutate into cancer ones. Continue reading

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Your pre-birth shopping list : The essentials to buy before baby’s born

Pre-birth shopping listHaving a baby is by far the most exciting thing to happen for a couple. You can imagine the hustle and bustle that comes along. All family members are running around baby shops to buy and prepare everything for the welcoming of the new family member. It happens very often that a lot of the things you buy turn out useless or excessive, but in the long run there are still some essentials which you definitely cannot omit from the baby shopping list. Continue reading

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4 harmful friendship stereotypes

4 harmful friendship stereotypesOften we do not understand that the accumulated sense of negativity, is due to our own friends. Perhaps we all have friends who we like very much, but after meeting them we feel exhausted and nervous. Most times you do not even understand that accumulating negativity is due to friends and in particular to their relationship to you. We present 4 types of friendships that can be defined as harmful. So, it would be “healthy” to keep them further. Continue reading

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Expert tips for online dating

Expert tips for online datingIf from New year 2015 you intend to start dating again, welcome to our club! A recent research showed that 64% of single adults listed that target as their New Year’s resolution. In case your social circle is tight and restricted, it will be difficult to find new men / women. Don’t panic, because nowadays online dating is modern and widespread phenomenon. With so many people browsing the web, you have the chance to meet someone interesting and appropriate for you. Check out our 3 tips for beginners and start online dating with enthusiasm: Continue reading

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Top myths about food additives

Top myths about food additivesHealthy nutrition has caused a lot of buzz lately. It turned out that people started caring what they put in their mouth more and more. This is definitely a good thing. However, the bad thing is that people use internet for resources and information. And we all know that in difference to the old books, the web can also spread lots of lies and incorrect facts. This refers to food additives, too. Check out our specially tailored list. It shows the top myths about food additives: Continue reading

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How to decorate oddly-shaped walls

Decorate wallsAdding any decorative accessories on the wall such as paintings, panels, mirrors and wall bracket lamps definitely makes the interior unique. But speaking of walls, let us ask ourselves the following question: should they look alike?! We don’t think so. Maybe that is why oddly-shaped walls exist. Here are some ideas on how to decorate them: Continue reading

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How to eliminate the smell of burned food?

How to eliminate the smell of burned foodLet’s confess it: everyone has done it at least once: milk, meat or cereal has gone to the garbage right from the stove. But was it completely? No matter how hard you try to cover your traces, there are marks behind and sometimes it “whispers” treacherously to your nose that cooking is not your craft. Of course, you shouldn’t let the smell of burned meal to give you up from the mastering of the kitchen. Here are some tricks to remove the smell and to continue the brave tries: Continue reading

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