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Cleaning tasks at home for professionals

House cleaning services for LondonGeneral cleaning and Daily household chores are various.

From the ordinary tasks such as washing the dishes and making the bed to the more complex procedures – cleaning the windows from the outside and the inside – the options to bring the hygiene at home back are several.

However there are a couple of cleaning tasks at home that you should leave to the professionals.

Relying on specialists and cleaning teams (maids and health-officers) is, at first, a great idea to achieve perfect results in the domestic area, and second of all – to get some relaxation, while someone else is doing your own housewife’s obligations.

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Ideas for General Cleaning plan

General cleaning at homeGeneral cleaning at home may be performed in a particular room – usually in the kitchen or in the living room, where the dirtiness and the mess are out of the question – or in the entire apartment, residence house, and studio area.

Positive mood, devotion and energy, and of course a small sum of financial fund is all that you need in order to create a lovely domestic atmosphere and to bring the cleanness and the hygiene into it.

Meanwhile, a strong and solid organization is also required for the perfect general cleaning at home.

Doing everything step by step is recommended, so nothing to be forgotten or missed during the exhausting operation.

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How to make the bedroom our favorite room

Bedroom preparationEveryone spends up to one third of their lives in the bedroom. That’s where we sleep, relax and spend time with the person we love.

With only a few simple tricks, we can make our bedroom cozier and improve the quality of our sleep.

Find the best spot where you are going to position your bed. According to Feng Shui rules, the bed should not be facing the door.

As well, its back needs to be placed next to the wall and there should be enough space for someone to pass next to it both sides. Continue reading

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House cleaning in a rush before guests

House cleaning in a rush before guestsWhen you are about to welcome unexpected guests at home, an extreme cleaning need arises.

To avoid running back and forth around the house and waste any time, make a plan and stick to it.

Hallway (3 minutes)

 Take a laundry basket and a plastic bag. Add anything that is not in its place to the basket – hats, gloves, slippers, etc.

Put the smaller things that could easily get lost in the bag – keys, chargers, receipts and bills.

Tie the bag and throw it on top of the things in the same basket. Shake off the mats and wipe the dust of all the surfaces. Continue reading

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Top reasons to hire professionals when your home needs cleaning

Top Reasons To Hire ProfessionalsIn today’s modern world, women are no longer supposed to stay at home to do the housekeeping and to look after her children. The woman of the 21th century is a wife, a mother, a manager or an actress, an artist or a politician.

And this woman has to do so many and so different tasks in just one day, that she has no longer time for herself and her needs. But there’s another way, isn’t it? Think about how much time you spend per week in cleaning of your home? Think about how exhausted you are after you scrubbed each greasy spot in your kitchen or vacuumed all the rooms?

Enough! Here, I’m giving you the top reasons, which you can use, trying to convince yourself or your husband why to hire a cleaning company? Continue reading

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Easter holiday cleaning

Easter holiday cleaningSpring cleaning is one of the toughest, but also one of the most important activities you have to perform, in order to start this season anew. The Easter holidays are just not the same without a thorough spring cleaning beforehand.

Picture yourself gathering with your family together around the dinner table. Now picture the interior being messy and ugly…

Are you comfortable with it? Of course, not! That’s why you need to think about a thorough cleaning right away, Easter is almost here.

If you don’t have enough time to do it yourself, save up some money and hire a professional cleaning company to help you out. Continue reading

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Home Interior Trends – 2013

Home interior trends 2013According to the leading interior consultants, the current trends in home furnishing for 2013 will keep incorporating natural component in the indoor environment like wood, stone, wool, cotton, bamboo, etc.

An interesting combination between tradition and fashion will be imposed, involving all the shapes, fabrics and colors. As most trendy colors for walls, floors and upholstery will be identified the blue, green, orange, red, and of course, the eternal white, gray and black.

The wallpapers will stay in earth tones, but even bolder colors will have a tribute, such as turquoise and purple in all their shades. Floral motives and geometric shapes from the 60’s will be a total hit. Embossed wallpapers will be preferred for being visually very attractive. Continue reading

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Oven cleaning tips

Oven cleaning tips

Oven with steam clean
For mild to moderate soiling, put a ceramic bowl filled with water in the still warm oven. Wait an hour, then the dirt can simply wiped with a damp cloth.

Oven cleaning with shaving cream

For mild to moderate soiling, use shaving cream instead of oven cleaner spray in the oven.

Depending on how dirty the oven is, leave it for half an hour or two. It cost less than the an oven cleaner and just as effective.

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9 Cleaning Tips You’d Wish You Knew Earlier

Cleaning Tips1. Dust your blinds. Close tight the blinds and wipe them up and down with a dryer sheet. It will create an antistatic “shield” that will stop dust building up for a while.
2. Cleaning mirrors and windows. To clean the glass surfaces at home, use coffee filters instead of paper towels. They are cheaper and more efficient, since they leave no lint or streaks.
3. Clean the bathroom. An eco-friendly, cheap and powerful cleaning solution is a mix of plain water and white vinegar. Spray your bathroom from top to bottom. It kills the mould, absorbs the musty smell, and shines the bathroom ware. The smell of vinegar will disappear in an hour or so.
4. Use a pumice stone on your oven. A moistened pumice stone will work up miracle on your dirty oven, better than any spray or chemical. Continue reading

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The benefits and disadvantages of hiring professional cleaning services

Benefits and disadvantages

There are reasons why to hire professional cleaning services, as well as other reasons why not to hire them. Let’s look closer at the most common benefits and disadvantages of using house cleaning services.


  1. Expenses. We have to admit, cleaning by yourself is free. When you hire someone for your cleaning, be it regular or one off, you have to pay them. And when your hard earned money go to someone else’s pocket, well… you can’t be happy about it.
  2. Strangers in your home. That’s right, cleaning maids are strangers. They are not members of the family, they are not close friends… Continue reading
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