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Winter Wonderland in England

Winter Wonderland in EnglandChristmas is nearby … Christmas – this is the time when miracles happen. Experience its magic with Winter Wonderland! See what we have prepared for you:

snowflakeCenter Parcs – stunning decorations, twinkling lights, traditional pantomime show and last but not at least – Santa’s Woodland Workshop! This is just a part of the fun possibilities. We consider that the festive activities there would be delightful for the whole family. Continue reading

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Interesting facts for the thrilling Halloween

Thrilling HalloweenHappy Halloween, people! As you must already know what date is today, we have gathered some amazing and interesting facts about the Halloween celebration! So, before going to grab your costume from the tailor, read the next curious information about the 31st of October – the day, when witches come alive and ghosts occupy houses.

  • Halloween celebration appears as one of the cultural traditions in Celts, who were one of the first settlers on today’s territory of Great Britain.Known also as Celtic festival of Samhain (Sah-ween), today’s commercial holiday of Halloween was actually the New Year of the Celtics. Continue reading

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Fight the Autumn fatigue

Fight the autumn fatigueThere has been made a study showing that Brits are prone to get down with numerous colds and flus around wintertime. They actually develop a CFS – chronic fatigue syndrome more during autumn and early winter. There is a reason for this period to be called flu season. The most interesting fact in this survey is the fact that scientists actually blame CFS like a kind of infectious agent.

There is straight subordination between the decrease in sunlight during those cold months and increase of the colds, flus, sore throats, etc. So it has been scientifically proven that your lack of activity is not laziness, but cold weather fatigue, called CFS. Continue reading

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Cleaning professional or obsessive-compulsive disorder sufferer – the true story of Vicky

Cleaning professional or obsessive-compulsive disorder sufferer – the true story of VickyYou have heard of people suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – a condition that can be controlled and professional therapy is vital. OCD sufferers can refocus their problem in choosing a proper work position.

Such is the case of many young women that have the so called “cleaning mania”. About 12% of all OCD sufferers have the fear of infections and are cleaning perfectionists.


  • Mania for contamination from touch

  • Constantly repeating cleaning procedures with the use of stronger cleaning materials.

As a child Vicky Palmers’ favourite game was to tidy up everything around her. This may have seemed good for her parents as they have never come across a pile of toys or dirt all over the house. But as the years passed her mania in keeping everything in perfect order and constantly tidying up became a serious behavioural problem. Continue reading

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Super disinfection in end of tenancy cleaning

Super disinfection in end of tenancy cleaningIn end of tenancy cleaning tenants are obliged to perform super sanitising with super disinfecting equipment in order to achieve super effect – super home place for the new tenants! According to the experts, tenants usually forget some of the specific household chores in this thorough, comprehensive and top-to-bottom cleaning operation! So, let’s name them now – sanitising, upholstery refreshment, floor mopping, overall bedroom cleaning and bathroom sterilising! Oh, no! See? We have forgotten one very essential household chore from the end of lease sanitising, too!

Can you name it? Of course – the disinfection part! Super disinfection is also important, because healthy living environment is top priority for lessees! Check out the following pieces of advice now and manage the disinfecting chore in the moving out sanitising properly:

  • Disinfect the kitchen – instead of oven cleaning and degreasing the entire area, you should also remove the germs from the floor by hoovering and mopping! Don’t forget to wipe the windows and to sanitise the trash area! Bacteria here are really a lot! Continue reading

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Best summer cocktails against heat and bad mood

Best summer cocktails against heat and bad moodMaybe you have asked all the Gods and Goddesses to bring the summer back – with its sunbathing, hot parties, holidays and meetings with all friends! Well, now when summer is here, it seems you are not happy again. This is not a paradox. On the contrary – this is the normal behavior and a feature of the human’s psychology! The truth is that you are never happy and satisfied completely. When summer has arrived, new complaints have arrived, too!

Seasonal refreshment for the house was demanded and the deep one off cleaning must have squeezed you! Financial argues with your better half for the upcoming summer vacations have spoilt your relationships again! The heat, though, is the biggest enemy of a person during summer!

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Five Reasons to Value and Maintain Your Carpet

  1. Reasons to value your carpetsIt’s been proved that carpets lower the flying of dust particles and allergens. This means that they improve the quality of the air in the room. You have to be careful, though. Carpets can’t handle so much dust and dirt. You have to vacuum them at least once a week in order to get rid of the accumulated bacteria and dirt. The areas where there is high traffic like the hallway should be cleaned even more often – 3 to 4 times a week.

  1. A carpet can keep a room warmer in the colder months and winter season. What it does is that it acts as an insulator. Continue reading

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“I don’t clean, cause my flat is small”

Small flat“My flat is small therefore I don’t have to clean it” – this is probably one of the worst things that you can do for yourself. Although you have a small flat and you don’t come home often, because you are working “eight days a week”, that is not a reason for you to cut that responsibility out and live like you don’t have a care in the world. Read all these good reasons for regular dusting:

  • Well, breaking news – you need to clean every living area and the carpets at least once a week! It is vital for your health, so don’t skip this duty and write it off the schedule. If you come home only to sleep and take a shower and eat something fast, you still have to clean, because dirt accumulates even if you don’t spend so much time in your accommodation. Continue reading

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Wash and refresh the carpets in spring cleaning

Spring carpet cleaningSpring season is the most appropriate period of time for refreshing and general cleaning at home.

The beginning of the new life and nature awaking may not go without some extra special and classical preparation at home.

Furthermore – spring is the right time for cleaning some specific parts or details of your home interior that you have forgotten and skipped during the cold days.

Wash and refresh the carpets in spring cleaning!

Professional, consultants, and cleaning agents strongly recommend spring season as the most appropriate period of the year for Carpet Cleaning. Read why you should revive the floor area and floor covers in March, April or May:

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What is the most annoying household chore

The most annoying household choreWhen it comes to cleaning, everyone has a chore that hates the most. According to some studies, though, the most tedious chore for the housewives is cleaning the oven.

One of the least hated chores is cleaning the hair from the drain and the arrangement of food in the fridge.

Flushing toilets, washing bathroom and defrosting the refrigerator also appear to be unpleasant duties according to a survey commissioned by a company producing detergents.

According to this survey, every housewife has at least 12 outstanding chores at home, waiting to be done.

The reason for that is our busy lifestyle and tight schedule. The last thing you want to do when you get home after a busy day at work is to start cleaning!

Here are the top 10 most hated household chores: Continue reading

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