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The challenge of assembling modular home

Modular housingThere are innovations in all spheres of our life. In architecture and home constructing new and new ways are found to make establishing new home easier. The tendencies are mainly aimed to give you safe, eco friendly home quickly and without additional expenses and issues. One of the new options that you have if you want new house are the modular homes. What are they and what makes them different from the classical and not so classical houses? Continue reading

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Cleaning up antifreeze

Cleaning up antifreezeAntifreeze is harmful substance, that is toxic and if ingested can cause serious health problems to humans and pets. There are two kinds of antifreeze: ethylene glycol (greenish-yellow in colour, sweet in flavour) and propylene glycol (pink or orange and less toxic). It happens sometimes person to spill antifreeze and cleaning it fast is of great importance. Check out our tips how to do it:

  1. Restricted area. In the garage, on the patio or at home, try to keep pets and children away from the spilled until you clean it.

  2. Absorb it. Pour sand, kitty litter or another absorbing material, let it absorb as much antifreeze as possible. Continue reading

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Perfectly refreshed and sanitised upholstery by using Esprit Upholstery Cleaning Machine

Leather upholstery cleaningDo you have leather upholstery at home? How do you maintain its impeccable appearance? If you find it difficult to answer this question, then you have a problem. The lack of appropriate cares may cause a shabby look of your favourite sofa or armchair. The secret is professional upholstery cleaning. This reviving procedure will eliminate the dust mites and the embedded soil. The fabric will be left perfectly sanitised and refreshed. Continue reading

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Useful tips how to get musty smells out of books

Reducing smells from booksStoring your favorite books in inappropriate way or place can cause distinct and unpleasant musty smell. And for a passionate book fan and keeper the possibility of ruining the good condition of the books could be a really big problem. Fortunately reducing the bad odours from your books is quite simple process if you follow the tips mentioned below. Continue reading

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Sanitise your carpet without even sweating!

Sanitise your carpet without sweatingThere comes a time for the carpet, when ordinary cleansing solutions we perform every day or at least twice per week just do not work. Of course, the regular refreshment and maintenance are really beneficial for any type of rug – whether it is a synthetic or natural one – but they are just not enough. A carpet requires some serious support and sophisticated treatment once in a while, too. If you do not know how to do it or you are just worrying about the time that such a procedure will take, see our super tips right now! They will help you sanitise your carpet without even sweating: Continue reading

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Neat and clean is not enough – see wise home tips from a pro fragrance expert!

Home tips from a pro fragrance expertGood for you in case you are able to protect your home from bacteria and provide your family a healthy and splendid environment. You are total winner in the housekeeping contest, if you are strict to your housekeeping checklist! But there is a big chance for you to forget something very important – the smell of your house.

If something looks wonderful, but smells not that nice, is it really great and perfect? Probably not and a famous fragrance expert claims that this may become a huge problem for your domestic atmosphere. Continue reading

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Get over the freezing weather with the hot Flamenco Festival

 Flamenco Festival London 2014Thinking how to overcome the horrible cold time? Do not want to poke your nose out of the house just to survive the under-zero temperatures? Enough with hiding at home! It is time for you to deal with the coldness and get out of your house, because life and all of its amazing emotions and experiences are actually at the outdoors? We suggest you a super nice idea to get over the freezing weather!

Just join the hot Flamenco Festival in London and heat the atmosphere of the unpleasant March with friends or with your better half! Become a part of the most passionate dance arena and dive into the deep flamboyant show of one of the greatest performance this month! Continue reading

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What is better – cleaning on a daily or weekly basis?

Daily or weekly cleaningHave you ever wondered what is better – cleaning on a daily or weekly basis?

Do you have an answer for this housekeeping dilemma or you just do the common tidying up and home refreshing only when you have time, but not when it is necessary? The truth is that there is no definite answer for this topic. Though, there is a big list of advantages and disadvantages for both – house purge once a week and house purge once a day!

Check it out and find out what is better for your own home place now: Continue reading

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How different detergents affect the carpet during cleaning?

Detergents for carpet cleaningThinking over refreshing your carpet soon? Wondering which plans to expel from your week schedule and provide some special treatment for your brand new rug? Before doing these and before going shopping for the needed equipment, stop for a bit and read the following article!

It could be very useful for you and very life-saving for your carpet! Have you ever asked yourself “How different detergents affect the carpet during cleaning?”. Well, it is the rightest moment to find out and the least painful way to avoid damages:

  • Natural cleansers – most of them, of course, are harmless and effective. Experts keep claiming that homemade solutions for carpet stain removers or for deodorising are better than those from the store. Continue reading

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The wood-burning stove – tips for choosing the best one

Choosing wood-burning stoveThe stove as an alternative for home heating has come in people’s life once again! Even though it has been considered as a little bit retro and old-fashioned for the past few years and air-conditioners along with the revolutionary solar power systems were most preferred, the stove is back again.

A stove looks really authentic and stylish no matter what kind of interior design you choose – classical, modernistic, vanguard, Baroque or even a conception with Ancient lines.

In case you are keen on the idea to have a stove at home, you have several choices – fuel, coal, smokeless and wood-burning stove. Though, speaking of the wonderful retro air, we really recommend you the wood-burning stove.

See some tips for choosing the best one in case you are up for purchasing Continue reading

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