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When ironing and carpeting go wrong

Ironing carpet accidentsNo house subsists without an iron or without the ironing task. Ironing is a part of daily routine and it is usually added to the list of cleaning chores for both – domestic regular tidying up and sanitising plus professional maid’s scheduler in a particular house or flat.

Ironing is connected with the neat outfit and keeping clothes fresh and beautiful. On the other side, bed linens, curtains and kitchen cloths are also ironed for additional effort in making a lovely home atmosphere and superb interior design.

Though, besides being useful and mandatory housekeeping chore, ironing may be also problematic. Sometimes, the iron may cause injuries, burnings and even stains! When ironing and carpeting go wrong, for example, carpets and rugs may be destroyed forever. In better cases, only carpet ironing stains may occur! Continue reading

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Benefits of bringing lunch from home to the office

Office lunch - a healthy lifestyleAll of you desire of a healthy and advisable lifestyle. However, living properly, greenly and optimally comes with some serious and big efforts. With the big list of personal and professional obligations every day, you are in a risk to overlook and pass by some essential rules and principles for the general health lifestyle.

Nutrition is one of them and the most common mistakes are made here. The habit in having a stand-up meal or grabbing something from the fast food stall in a rush may seem to you innocuous. Though, this way of feeding yourself and treating your organism is considered to be contra-indicated. Self-made food and organic meal course must be brought back to your life, your house… and your office, too!

As a matter of fact, you spend half of your day in the office. So, this means you should change your nutrition here, as well! Check out the benefits of bringing lunch from home to the office: Continue reading

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Kids week in London 2013

kids-week-london-2013It has been already a decade since the exciting Kids week has put a beginning in London. The amazing event takes more than a week. This year’s Kids week will take part during the entire August and children in London and from the entire UK can finally participate in this awesome event again! Fun, education, new plays, retro performances, hobbies and backstage activities are from now on available for all the little kids! The Theatreland is now open for the smallest admirers of live performances! So, if you have kids at home, don’t miss to take them to the traditional Kids week in London this year again. Just to mention that the dazzling West End has been again the most crowded and the most smiley place across the entire UK. Here is where children meet again to become a part of the artistic life and the theatre magic! Continue reading

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Domestic cleaning with ammonia and white vinegar solution

cleaning with ammonia and white vinegarContemporary cleaning products are easy and available. Mostly, they are affordable and competitive in the domestic fight against dust, germs and unpleasant spots on the surfaces. You can easily find a cleanser for stains or a cleaning solution for wooden furniture in the store! Everything is perfectly and attractively ordered in the supermarket. All you have to do is to select and to pay! Though, the effect of the commercial cleansers is not that perfect or attractive! Acid toxins and harmful ingredients with unknown origin can spoil the natural living environment in your home. Eventually, domestic cleaning will be nothing else, but cursory hiding of the mess and absorption of the noxious surrounding. Continue reading

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Valuable advices to the candidates for home cleaners

Valuable advices to the candidates for home cleanersIf you have decided to be a professional home cleaner, you need a couple of things to know, especially if you want to be a home cleaner or housekeeper in London:

  • It is of great importance to have a good CV and a strong cover letter. Don’t forget the proper recommendations! Collect as many recommendations from your previous employers as you can. If you have worked in London before, it will be a plus for you.

 If you want to become a house cleaning specialist in London,  you need to know a few things before applying a job. Continue reading

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