9 Cleaning Tips You’d Wish You Knew Earlier

Cleaning Tips1. Dust your blinds. Close tight the blinds and wipe them up and down with a dryer sheet. It will create an antistatic “shield” that will stop dust building up for a while.
2. Cleaning mirrors and windows. To clean the glass surfaces at home, use coffee filters instead of paper towels. They are cheaper and more efficient, since they leave no lint or streaks.
3. Clean the bathroom. An eco-friendly, cheap and powerful cleaning solution is a mix of plain water and white vinegar. Spray your bathroom from top to bottom. It kills the mould, absorbs the musty smell, and shines the bathroom ware. The smell of vinegar will disappear in an hour or so.
4. Use a pumice stone on your oven. A moistened pumice stone will work up miracle on your dirty oven, better than any spray or chemical.
5. Clean your floors, but take care. To clean the floor of your home all you need is just water, or if you want to make it more sophisticated, add some water-based floor cleaner. Never use vinegar on your floors, cause the acid will reduce the shine and damage the finish.
6. Think green-minded. There are two ways to clean your home. First is cleaning with harshest chemicals and poison yourself, second is to mix water and dish washing liquid. It is fine, non-toxic, all-purpose greener cleaner. Couple of squirts in a spray bottle with water and you’re ready to clean your entire home.
7. Microwave cleaning. Put a bowl of water with a few tablespoons of baking soda in the microwave and run it. When the water starts to boil, open the microwave and wipe. It’s very easy cleaning and eliminates the odours too.
8. Clean the hard-to-reach places in your home. Slip on a sock on a yardstick and clean the narrow areas, like refrigerators or under stoves. Use it also to clean the cobwebs all over your home.
9. Get rid of grime. To prevent mould and mildew and to shine the bathroom, use lemon oil. It’s amazing cleanser and smells so good.

With this easy to follow tips you can clean and shine your home without effort. Cleaning doesn’t have to be hard work to show sparkling results. Clean smart, not hard!

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