6 fun spring activities

Funny spring activitiesSpring is in the air. This lovely season is a personification of a new life growing. All living creatures feel great in spring. Birds are singing, flowers are blossoming. How do you find spring season, are you ready for freshness and new emotions?

Probably your vivid imagination draws green fields with fresh grass, similar to Tom Jones’ “green, green grass of home”. Open your mind for regenerating thoughts and some healthy dreaming!

How do you intend to spend your leisure time when the weather outside is so predisposing for funny activities? Check out these entertaining ideas and choose for yourself:

  • Plant something green and enjoy its growing beauty. Wise people say that everyone must plant at least one tree in their life. Don’t hesitate to do that and to meet charming spring season.

  • Have a picnic at the park and enjoy talking with your beloved one or a good friend of yours. Pleasant sunlight and songs of birds will contribute on your great outdoor experience. Taste some wonderful wine and homemade food and have fun.

  • Ride a bike or jog. Now when weather is great for such adorable outdoor activities, it’s time to spend some great hours in the nearby park. Sport is always healthy and amusing.

  • Look for four-leaf clovers – some of you may find it strange, but why not? It’s another way to leave your cool rooms and gather some vitamin D, thanks to the sun. Make a wish if you find a four-leaf clover and feel really lucky. Isn’t it really romantic?

  • Conduct some deep spring cleaning. Ok, it’s not so funny, but it’s necessary, if you want to let spring atmosphere in your sweet home. After the long winter period, the result is accumulated dirtiness and stuffy air. Dust is almost everywhere, so you have to sweat a little bit to achieve the cleanliness and the hygiene you require to put a fresh new start.

  • Are you a cupcakes fan? If yes, bake some cupcakes and add some spring flavour by putting pink (or lavender or yellow or baby blue) frosting. Don’t worry if some carpet stains occur. You can always count on your local carpet cleaning services. As we mentioned carpets, spring is the ideal season for some carpet sanitising through beating, hoovering and stain treatment. Consider this and do something useful for your domestic environment!

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