4 harmful friendship stereotypes

4 harmful friendship stereotypesOften we do not understand that the accumulated sense of negativity, is due to our own friends. Perhaps we all have friends who we like very much, but after meeting them we feel exhausted and nervous. Most times you do not even understand that accumulating negativity is due to friends and in particular to their relationship to you. We present 4 types of friendships that can be defined as harmful. So, it would be “healthy” to keep them further.

  • Energy vampires. Energy vampires are energy drones. They constantly search for your advices and they constantly steal large parts of your time. Being around that person is energy draining. You feel drained after being with him / her, even in a small period of time. “Vampire” consumes more than he/she gives. Although it is important to be a reliable friend, remember that you must have before all healthy relationships.

  • Queen of gossip. If you see that your friend is always in the process of spreading rumors and finds happiness in the misfortune of others, she/he is certainly not as confident as it seems. Gossip – queen is someone who has low self-esteem and focuses more on the negative side in others. This type of people want to do so that they look better and prefer to talk about the problems of others than about their own.

  • Miss “I-know-everything”. This type of friend always tells you what to do. He/she always underlines if you do it wrong, and thinks he/she has all the right answers on all topics. For these people it is easier to find fault in others, than to see their own mistakes. They are ready to criticise even your house sanitising methods. If you find among your friends someone who is characterized by a ‘I-know-everything “, this is a good indication that your strength, self-confidence and faith in your own knowledge are threatened.

  • Friend of negation. No matter what you say, he or she is always negative. This is a dangerous friendship and so exhausting. Such contact takes a lot of your personal power. This person is even negative when it comes to professional tenancy cleaning services.

What do you think? Did you find such types of individuals among your friends?

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