4 genius applications of coconut oil

4 genius applications of coconut oilWhat do you know about coconut oil? Remember, that this is edible oil which is taken out from the meat or kernel of matured coconuts which are collected from the coconut palm. People have found different applications of this oil in food, medicine and industry. In this article, we will concentrate on 4 genius uses of coconut oil. Check them out:

  • As makeup remover – you may use a washcloth or simply your hands to rub a little amount of oil onto your skin. Just wait for a minute, then you may rinse with warm water. Be careful with your eyes and keep them far from the coconut oil.

  • Coconut oil as lip gloss – you have just finished your favourite tube of lipstick? We advise you to scoop out the last bit of color with the help of a Q-tip. Then combine with approximately 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in a brand new container. Your lip gloss is ready – healthy and shiny.

  • To moisturise your dry hair – coconut oil successfully treats dandruff and nourishes your hair. This oil penetrates deeply into hair shaft, which makes it also wonderful for longer conditioning treatment. In case your hair is thin, put a dime-size amount of the coconut oil through your slightly damp hair. Use more of the coconut oil in case you have more coarse and thicker hair. Experts advise to wait an hour and after that you can shampoo and condition as you normally do. Probably your one off cleaners may share another usage of coconut oil, just ask them and learn something new!

  • Toothpaste from coconut oil – how to prepare your own natural toothpaste? Just mix one part of the oil with one part baking soda. Bread soda may be also used in carpet sanitising, do you remember that? In case you really miss the minty-fresh taste, just add several drops of mint oil and you have toothpaste, made on your own.

What do you think? Do you intend to follow one of our tips for smart applications of coconut oil?

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